Various Production Pictures
Photos from various productions of my plays.

Guns Don't Kill at City Theater

Sally Bondi in GUNS DON'T KILL at Miami's City Theater. It was part of their Summer Shorts - Undershorts production in the summer of 2008.

Months on End - April - Hong Kong

The April scene from MONTHS ON END. This picture and the next few were from a production that took place in Hong Kong, translated into Cantonese. (Photo credit for these pictures: Yankov Wong Production)

Months on End - May - Hong Kong

May's graduation speech.

Months on End - June - Hong Kong

The June bride has second thoughts.

Months on End - August - Hong Kong

A softball game in August.

Months on End - November - Hong Kong

November's eulogy.

Manhattan Drum Taps at the Metropolitan Playhouse

From the Metropolitan Playhouse's production of "MANHATTAN DRUM-TAPS," with Margot Avery, Jane Petrov, David Mitchell and Scott Wood. It was directed by Marie Louise Miller.

Train of Thought

This is a picture of the production of my play TRAIN OF THOUGHT from November 2005.  The cast included: Scott Katzman, Missy Hall, Nancy Wu and Michael Rhodes.

It looks like an Atrainplay, but it was actually written for the 24 Hour plays. Missy and Nancy are regular Atrain performers, and Michael has written for theAtrainplays. The production was directed by Chris Maring.

The Dunes cast

Me and the cast of THE DUNES from the workshop production at the Venice Little Theatre in March 2006. From left to right: Shannon Kelsey Strischek, Laurie Colton Farrar, Lori Chase, David Boza, me, James Hutchinson III and Nidal Zarour.

Letters to Baghdad set

The set for "Letters to Baghdad" in Portland, Maine. This was the third of Caitlin Shetterly and the Winter Harbor Theatre's "Letters to..." series. I wrote a monologue, IN A WORD, performed by Sarah Jane Casey, and a scene, WHAT PRICE?, performed by myself and Farah Bala.

Letters to Baghdad set

The entire cast for "Letters to Baghdad" on the set at the Winter Harbor Theater Company. (Photo by Dan Davis.)

the cast of Letters to Baghdad

Some of the cast and writers for "Letters to Baghdad." From left to right: me, Caitlin Shetterly, Amy Fox, Zach, Farah Bala, Joey Collett, Sean Huze, Sarah Jane Casey and Jeremy Schonfeld

The Last December

Marvin Starkman and Patricia Guinan in THE LAST DECEMBER at the Jewel Box Theatre in New York in November 2004. The play is part of my collection LIFE IS SHORT.


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