Here are some pictures from the production of SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN in Paris.

The play was produced by Compagnie la Grenouillere, who did a terrific job, and the Parisian audienced really enjoyed it, laughing often and well.  It was a treat to hear and see.
The French title is ENTRE DEUX EAUX, which translated literally means "between two waters." It wasn't a French phrase I was familiar with, but I really liked as the title.

Entre Deux Eaux tickets

These were our tickets to the sold-out Saturday night performance of the play at the Theatre de Menilmontant, a complex of four theaters in the 20th arrondisment of Paris, and not far from the famous Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, where Moliere and Oscar Wilde are buried. (Yes, Jim Morrison too, but I'm keeping this theatrical.)

Moliere's Grave

here's Moliere's grave . . .

Oscar Wilde's grave

. . . and here's Oscar Wilde's.

So I was in good theatrical company in the area. Even if they were dead. (Wilde's grave stone is covered with lipstick kisses from people who have visitied. I'm sure he would have adored that!)

Getting back to a living playwright . . .

Entre Deux Eaux poster

Here is the poster for "Entre Deux Eaux."

And here are some pictures from the show:

Entre Deux Eaux - "Between Floors"

Jasper (Olivier Drapier) deals with an intense man on the elevator (Eric Klingler).
- Courtesy of Compagnie la Grenouillere

Entre Deux Eaux - "Between the Lines"

Jasper is caught in a "menage a trois" with Valerie (Anne Valdenair) and Robert (Kevin Roussel).
- Courtesy of Compagnie la Grenouillere

Entre Deux Eaux - "The First Date"

Emily (Nathalie Besson) and Jasper go on a date.
 - Courtesy of Compagnie la Grenouillere

Entre Deux Eaux - "Between Jobs"

Jasper gets some unwelcome news from Mary (Anne-Gaelle Heliot), a co-worker.
- Courtesy of Compagnie la Grenouillere

  On stage after the show

At the end of the show, the cast called me up on stage to present me with a faux award and to say a few words to the audience.  "Je comprends rien" was what popped into my mind. "I understand nothing."

With Olivier after the show

I went out with the cast of the after the show, which was a great treat. I'm talking with Olivier Drapier, who co-translatated the play and stared as Jasper, the lead role.  Olivier did a marvelous job with translating the script and in his acting.  The production was funny, well-paced and had just the right tone to it.

With the cast

Here I am with the entire cast (standing from left to right): Nathalie Besson (who was the other co-translator), Olivier Drapier, me, Anne Valdenaire, Anne-Gaelle Heliot, and (sitting in front . . . and playing for the camera) Kevin Roussel and Eric Klingler.


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